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Newspaper printing can seem like a task only for the largest printing presses across the country. Those services are accompanied by huge costs and processes that can seem confusing

Reaching your customers with a newspaper will boost the exposure of your business, increasing business or sales by giving your client base a solid and tangible piece of your company that they can hold in their hands.


Newspapers allow you to share a large amount of information with your customers, over an extended period of time, as they peruse the newspaper at their convenience.

Newspaper printing for Houston businesses, organizations, and individuals can inform existing customers of new ideas, promote product recognition for new customers, or present important information for your organization.

What is involved in Newspaper Printing in New York by TriStar Offset?

TriStar Offset has all of the capabilities and resources needed to satisfy your newspaper printing needs in New York. We offer a newspaper printing service that can range from four pages of content upwards. It goes without saying that each page can contain a mixture of written text and images. This can include your editorial content and of course your advertisements that can offset the costs of printing and distributing a newspaper in New York.

At TriStar Offset not only do we offer newspaper printing services to our New York customers of the highest quality but we can also offer mailing of your newspaper if that is a requirement that you desire.

The printing team has the expertise to advise on the quality of print required but as standard, produces premium printing plates that speed your ideas through the newspaper printing process, creating quality newspapers that will engage your customers and give that traditional ink on fingertip feel that no other printing style can replicate.

In newspaper printing, the coldset presses produce works on newsprint paper and other stocks that allow ink to dry through simultaneous evaporation and absorption into the paper.

So if you are looking for a newspaper printing company in New York that can deliver the exceptional quality and quantity desired at a price that is comparable to the quality but still best in town, then call TriStar Offset today and speak to a team member about your project needs. You won’t be disappointed.

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The guys at Tri-Star Offset were amazing. Having spent so long writing and animating my comic book, I needed to bring it to life but had no idea about the printing options available or the process. The team at Tri-Star were incredibly patient with me and walked me through everything I needed to know before we ordered the print. Couldn’t be happier with how it turned out. Highly recommended printing company.

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